Cisco Kid vs. Donald Trump

I can’t exactly remember when in 2016, but at some point before the process was over, it became clear to me that Donald Trump would be Republican Party nominee for President. So I decided to begin an online Protest Art Series opposing his candidacy. After discussing the best venue with my sons, I started an Instagram “installation” on June 1st 2016 titled Cisco Kid vs. Donald Trump.

In protest of then candidate Trump’s policies, presentation and personae, I appropriated images from a 1950’s Cisco Kid newspaper comic strip, originally drawn by the Argentine Jose Luis Salinas.

The Cisco Kid, is a fictional character, created by the famed writer O’Henry who presented “The Kid” as a desperado in his 1907 short story “The Cabellero’s Way”. Since that time Cisco has undergone several character changes, some more “family friendly” than others. He has appeared in both silent and regular movies, TV, radio, comic books and newspaper comic strips. He was first introduced to me via the record “Cisco Kid (was a friend of mine)” by the Los Angeles based group War in the early 1970’s. Cisco is perhaps best summed up by the tag: “The Robin Hood of The Border”.

I had not expected this work to finish soon after the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election was counted, but the result made me reconsider.

For now I continue to produce “Ciscos”, but for how long I do not know. Having spent five years on Saitch, producing well over 200 pieces, I wasn’t looking for another long haul, but soon after the election a pal of mine said “Cisco can’t quit on us now” and he is right.

Here’s hoping for a sudden, swift ending.

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