Is Saitch Yer Daddy?

Is Saitch Yer Daddy?” is/was my West Ham United art blog, which  ran for a full five soccer seasons from August 2011 until May 2016. I produced a piece for each game The Hammers played, each being posted before the next game kicked off.  I started the blog at the suggestion of my sons as an alternative to postcards I had been sending to a pal in Canada – “If you put them on a blog, everyone can see them.” And so I did, with the description: “Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs of being 3,473 Miles from Upton Park and West Ham United”.

In May of 2016 West Ham left The Boleyn Ground, it’s home on Green Street since 1904 and moved (as tenants) into the newly renovated Olympic Stadium in Stratford, located next to “one of the largest urban shopping centres in Europe”. I hope Saitch captured something of a place and culture that is either in transition or fast evaporating – probably a bit of both ?